Whipped Bake Bar Cafe coffee review took place on the 15th September 2013.

For this review we (3 of us) each had a latte and espresso. Beans come from the Pacas Farm in El Salvador and are roasted in house .

Our scoring guide as follows:

[skhighlight color=”yellow”]Unacceptable =0, Poor =1, Average =2, Good =3, Very Good =4, Excellent =5, Extraordinary =6 [/skhighlight]



  • Crema Score: 2 = Average (The crema must stretch across the entire surface of the espresso and not have any holes or broken spots and should be dense and smooth)

Crema has forced look to it, ‘burnt’, caramel in colour and it broke up quickly. Sour taste, quite offensive.


  • Aroma Score: 2 = Average (Aroma provides a subtle introduction to various nuances of the coffee:  sweet tones, fruit, flower or herbal notes, etc.)

Smells nutty, has a pleasantness about it yet uninspiring.


  • Taste Score: 2 = Average

Quite a punchy upfront with a slightly burnt acidic taste at the back of the mouth, grainy ‘coarse’ mouthfeel, brightness – (tarty) comes through on initial taste and grows then comes to a peak, lingers and then falls away. It’s also noted the amount of espresso was quite small on all 3 drinks. One reviewer noted their espresso was very hot and had a hardened water taste.


  • Aftertaste Score: 2 = Average

Burnt caramel at the end, semi sweet after taste on the back of the palate, lingering mouthfeel and flavour. One reviewer noted the aftertaste was an improvement over the initial taste of the drink as the acidic taste dissipated the remaining lingering taste was more enjoyable.


Unacceptable =0,  Poor =1,[skhighlight color=”yellow”] Average =2,[/skhighlight]  Good =3, Very Good =4, Excellent =5, Extraordinary =6

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  • Latte Art score: 1 = Poor (Symmetrical design and a smooth silky/glossy like sheen with a combination of coffee and milk colours on the surface)

Greyish texture and a used, off grey, dull look to areas of it, no distinct pattern. One of the reviewers noted that they had a dome head.


  • Foam Texture & Taste Score: 0 = Unacceptable  (The foam should be smooth, silky and consist of only microbubbles)

Very dish foamy like, grainy and stale aftertaste,  tasted ‘2nd hand’, minimal amount of foam and tasted like milk had been re-heated.


  • Coffee Taste Score: 0 = Unacceptable

Stale, no coffee profile coming through, very flat and almost non detectable coffee taste, milky, tasted as though the milk had been reheated.


  • Coffee Temperature Score: 2 = Average

Coffee temperatures varied from our 3 lattes.


  • Aftertaste Score: 1 = Poor

Very stale aftertaste, lingers long, the milk left a nasty aftertaste.


Unacceptable = 0  [skhighlight color=”yellow”]  Poor = 1 [/skhighlight] Average = 2 Good = 3 Very Good = 4  Excellent = 5 Extraordinary = 6


Walk into any cafe that uses a Synesso coffee machine and has filter coffee on the menu, it grabs your attention and you expect a level of quality.  Looking at our scores above, elements of our coffees today are unacceptable and far from the quality we were looking for.

This review was unannounced and fully paid for. Reviewers:

Abi – abigrace.com.au

Grant – https://twitter.com/gmango_au

Bobby – https://twitter.com/radelaidecoffee

Whipped Bake Bar Cafe on Urbanspoon

Whipped Bake Bar Cafe 35 Semaphore Rd, Semaphore SA 5019 Phone:(08) 8242 3000

Coffee Hours 7:00am – 5:30pm, Kitchen Hours 7:00am – 2:30pm 7 days.

  • Coffee Lover

    I find reviews like this pretty disappointing. Before you read on I am NOT the cafe owner in disguise, I do know coffee and have been to whipped enough to create my own opinions. BTW there’s a reason i have been there enough times – i straight up rate it. Perhaps these reviewers don’t actually know as much as they profess, maybe they had a one off bad experience??? Either way readers should check whipped out and form their own opinions. Their coffee knowledge is sound, roasts and profiles excellent. It deserves to be rated with some of the best in Adelaide in my opinion. Check it out for yourselves, I believe you will find your experience contrary to to this review.

  • http://susanpriolo.com SusanP

    Thanks for these reviews. As a lover of latte, I know most of the well-known places in Adelaide to grab a coffee but you are reviewing some of the lesser known places and I appreciate that.

    I also appreciate the scoring aspect of your review – it’s never easy to critique the work of others, especially when it is their business and livelihood at stake. I think, generally, that you guys do a good job of offering a fair review. And, if I am honest, a less than glowing review doesn’t necessarily turn me off from visiting a place. I understand that every cafe is capable of having a good day and a not-so-good day…

    I’ve learned that every little bit of critique is an opportunity for growth, development and improvement (not too mention the free publicity).

    Will you guys be doing any reviews in the northern suburbs soon?

  • http://cuptaste.com Bobby

    @coffeelover – absolutely, folks should check out any cafe we review and make up their own mind. Our reviews are about deconstructing the coffee from the natural flavour of the bean to the final process of making the coffee which is influenced by the barista. Its important that we do a fair, honest and balanced assessment of each cafe by which you’ll see we have 3 coffee reviewers. We are transparent in our results and scoring and give detailed information about our coffees. The owner of the cafe always has the right to reply publicly, privately, or simply ignore our review.

    @susanP – We are choosing the cafes we visit by what beans they use, we don’t want to review 5 cafes in a row that all use beans from roaster X, for example, so we mix it up a bit. I’m sure we’ll head to the northern suburbs sometime….. watch this space.

    Thanks for feedback.